Helpful Methods for Avoiding Fees

No one wants to deal with irritating bank fees, but most people accept them as a part of the process. But, what if there was a better way? We've compiled a list of tips for avoiding fees, so you can retain more of your hard-earned paycheck.

What Types of Fees do Banks Charge?

Fees are small charges for the customers that add up to big profits for the bank. Here are a few of the most common fees you may encounter:

  • Overdraft fees generated from overdrawing an account
  • ATM fees for out-of-network customers
  • Reoccurring fees to maintain your bank account
  • And many more!

Do All Banks Charge the Same Fees?

Different banks charge different fees, which means that you may receive a better deal if you shop around. Typically, you are likely to find higher fees with a larger bank. Look around town for a smaller institution. Not only are maintenance fees lower on average, but smaller banks are more likely to offer cost-saving perks like free checking. Customers can also look into credit unions and community banks as potentially cost-saving alternatives.

Tech-savvy consumers can also look into online banks. While you sacrifice face-to-face interactions, you often enjoy much lower fees. In fact, over 60 percent of current online banks don't charge monthly maintenance at all! That can add up to big savings for you.

What Habits Will Save Me Money?

Whether you start a new account with a credit union or stick with your old bank, there are several easy ways to spare yourself from fees. Electronic services are convenient for both the bank and customer. Consider going paperless by moving to online bill paying services, rather than traditional mailed statements. You can also look into your bank's specific policies for extra savings. Many institutions offer perks, like free checking for direct deposit services and discounts for multiple accounts.

Additionally, it's well worth your time to research the rules for your accounts. Pay attention to your balance to avoid overdraft fees, and ask about account minimums. You may be penalized for falling below a certain amount. You can even set electronic alerts to warn you if your account gets close to your preset limit. What About ATM Fees?

Out-of-network ATM fees can be a major hassle, but there are ways around these pesky fees. Getting cash back at the grocery store is a convenient way to pick up money without risking fees. If you're on the go, search for in-network ATMs. And if your account is running low, get in touch with CashMax about our personal loan services.

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