How to Lower Moving Costs

Moving is the worst, right? And it’s not cheap, either. If you’re planning to move soon, check out these tips for how to lower moving costs. Moving is a hassle, but at least you can save some money in the process!

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Get Organized

Start with a super-organized game plan. Assign tasks to dates and allow reasonable time to get stuff done. This makes moving less stressful and helps keep your expenses low. Plan ahead of time for cash flow, and find resources for getting cash if you need it.

Don’t Move When Everyone Else Does

Schedule a move date during a non-peak period if you can. Everyone moves on the first and last days of the month and in the summer. Weekends and holidays are popular, too, so try do move mid-week if possible. These strategies will help you avoid paying premium rates.

Choose the Best Option

Decide if you’re going to move yourself or hire professionals. If you have a large home and family, getting a moving company might be the best solution. If you’re a student and can throw most belongings in a car or U-Haul, then do it yourself. Do your research and get quotes well ahead of time so you can secure the best deal.

Dealing With Movers

Take your time when you sign the contract. Make sure you have enough insurance coverage. When your goods arrive, don’t sign any delivery papers that release the mover or its agents from any liability. If anything is missing, damaged, or broken, you have nine months to file a written claim according to federal law. You can also consider using resources like MovingPlace, U-Pack, and U-Haul Driver to drive your belongings for you instead of paying movers.

DIY Tips

Whatever vehicle you choose - U-Haul trailer, cargo van - make sure you’re comfortable driving it and that it’s packed so fragile items don’t fly around. Plan your drive to avoid rush-hour traffic in big cities because driving a large vehicle is stressful in those situations and burns unnecessary gas.

Drive Your Car - Don’t Ship It

If you’re moving across the country, you may not have a choice, but if you can drive you own car instead of shipping it, it’ll save you lots of money. Plus, you can take valuables that you don’t want to send with the moving company with you. You’ll save money on airfare, too. If you need to ship your car, try online resources like for the best deal.

Purge Away

Only take the stuff you really need and want because movers charge by the pound and distance. Stay organized while you do this, so you don’t end up accidentally throwing away something you want to keep or moving bags of trash. Sell what you can through garage sales, craigslist, or, and give the rest away.

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