How to Save on Your Electric Bill

Is your energy bill costing you a fortune each month? There are many ways that you can reduce your energy consumption, and in turn, lower your electric bill. If you have been wondering how to save on your electric bill, these simple steps and large investments can help you save significantly in the long run.

Reducing Energy Bills: Summer and Winter

Light Bulb

One of the biggest causes of outrageous energy bills is heating or cooling your home. When there is a large temperature difference inside your home and outside of it, your home will lose the heat or cool air until the temperature matches the outdoors. The only ways to stop the loss of heat or cool air is to keep adding heat or cool air or insulate your home to prevent it from leaving. Here is where you can begin to look for cost-cutting options for a more affordable utility bill.

Simple Fixes

There are plenty of easy ways to cut back on your energy bills:

  • Make sure your water heater and hot-water pipes are well-insulated
  • Don’t forget to insulate light switches and outlets
  • Properly seal leaky air conditioning, heating, and ventilation ducts
  • Check for faulty seals around doors and windows
  • Ensure your freezer and fridge are well-sealed

Energy-Saving Investments

Although these projects are a little more extensive, they may have huge benefits when it comes to future energy bills.

  • Replace drafty windows with double-pane windows
  • Plant shade trees to help your home stay cool in the summer
  • Enhance the insulation in your home

Hot Water Usage

The use of hot water can also significantly impact your energy bill. Fortunately, there are easy ways to decrease hot water consumption.

  • Wash clothes using cold water
  • Repair any leaky pipes
  • Decrease shower time

Use Power Wisely

To pay hefty energy bills, a personal loan a cash advance from a source like CashMax may be necessary, but there are ways you can use power wisely to cut costs.

  • See if your energy company provides discounted rates during certain times of day - If so, those time slots would be a great time for energy-intensive chores
  • Regularly check HVAC air filters and replace them if there is a buildup of dust and debris
  • Keep refrigerator coils well-maintained and clean
  • Use compact florescent or LED lightbulbs
  • Install dimmer switches on your lights so you can use only as much light as you need
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