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Ways to Financial Relief - Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out

The next several months are big for travel. The next several months also require a little more cash on hand for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holidays, and end of the year expenses. This sounds like a recipe for financial stress, not financial relief, but we're here to find opportunities amongst the chaos.

If you love pets, and especially dogs, then this could be the perfect time of year for you to cash in. Even when people are busy, their four-legged best friend still needs exercise, play time, and, we'll say it, some relief. The backyard still needs to be cleared from Fidos landmines. And a lot of pet owners prefer a home pet sitter rather than a kennel.

Let's investigate how you can earn some serious Scooby-snacks with a lot of dog snuggles and licks.

  1. Dog walkers often earn $10-$15 per :30-minute walk. Now add 3 or 4 dogs per walk with 3 walks per day and 2 sessions per time frame (morning, afternoon, evening). On the high-side, 4 dogs at $15/dog times 2 morning, 2 afternoon and 2 evening. That is $360 per day working only 6 hours per day. If you do that 5-days in a week then you've earned $1,800 in just one week.
  2. If you are very trustworthy and reliable then petting sitting may be for you. In-home pet sitters can earn up to $150 per overnight stay. If the owner goes out of town for the weekend then you could earn an extra $300 just for spending the night with the pets and this does not usually interfere with other job opportunities or you dog walking service. The owners will probably expect you to feed their pets in the morning and evening and check on them during the day. They typically also want a couple of pics texted each day.
  3. This may not be the best way to reach financial relief but there are also dog scooper services out there. It's a messy job but someone has to do it and services usually charge between $15 - $20 week. If you want to make an additional $500 per week then you need 25 - 35 clients. You can make your own hours and it could lead to additional dog walking or sitting opportunities.
  4. In today's gig-economy, you can find clients pretty easily. Here are a few apps that can help you get started:
    1. Rover
    2. PetBacker
    3. Wag!
    4. Pawshake
    5. Time to Pet
    6. Dog Hero
    7. Dogo
    8. Walkies
    9. Dog Monitor
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