Getting your very first credit card is an exciting time of financial independence, but it's important to proceed with caution. We've all heard horror stories of people racking up debt by being a little over enthusiastic with fresh plastic. However, it's easy to make good decisions if you use common sense and do the right research. Find out how to handle your finances like a pro with our first time credit card tips!

Choosing the Best First Time Credit Card

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Before you select your plan, it's important to assess all of your options. While there's no definitive best first time credit card, some options will be much better than others for your unique needs. How do you choose the right credit card? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction:

Understanding Your Options

You've picked the category, but what do all these terms mean in the fine print? Be sure to take a second glance and scan for the following:

Improving Your Credit

You've researched your credit card options thoroughly, but now it's time to look inward. Do you know your credit history? Do you even have a credit history? No matter your current financial situation, there are always ways to improve your standing - so don't worry! The important thing is to find out an accurate picture of where you are. If you don't have any credit history at all, you can consider a few options to get your first time credit card. You can find a cosigner with good credit to share a credit card with you, so you can qualify for better plans. You can also get a secured card if you have no credit or bad credit. These cards help you build your credit without risk to the lender, which means it's much easier to secure one.