Best Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Short on money? There are many out-of-the-box ways to earn extra cash outside of your day job. Whether an unforeseen expense, like car repairs, have you strapped or you've got your eye on an expensive item you simply can't live without, you can find yourself in need of extra funds for a variety of reasons. The following are some great ways to drum up extra dinero in your spare time!

Rent Out Your Home

Sometimes what we need is right in front of us—or, in this case, around us. Your home can be a great outlet for earning extra cash. If you have a spare bedroom or a mother-in-law apartment, you can generate income by renting out the space. If you don't want a permanent boarder, you can also list portions of your home (extra bedrooms, basement apartments, etc.) as temporary accommodations for travelers on sites like Airbnb.

Transform Gift Cards Into Cash

Billions of dollars in gift cards reportedly go unused every year. You've probably been an offender in this area yourself. You know how the story goes. For Christmas, your great-aunt gives you a gift card to a restaurant you don't like or to a store you wouldn't be caught dead in. The card gets shoved in a junk drawer or lost in the recesses of your purse. Instead of wasting the card, you can sell it online or exchange it for instant cash at a business like CashMax.

Tap Into Your Body's 'Money Vein'

Plasma harvesting centers pay their donors handsomely, and you can donate plasma with virtually no side effects. Plasma is used to make various life-saving therapeutics, and, unlike blood donation, plasma is easily replaced by the body and can, therefore, be donated regularly. Find out if there is a plasma donation center in your area, and start giving!

Share Your Knowledge

If you have expertise in a particular professional field, you may just be a hot commodity for your local community college. Colleges and universities are constantly on the lookout for adjunct professors who are available to teach a class or two in their specialty fields. Reach out to schools in your area to find out what their criteria is for adjunct teaching. Along that same line, if you have special skills in areas like math, music, or writing, you can offer your services as a private tutor. Advertise your skills on bulletin boards and tutoring websites, and start helping students while making some healthy side money.

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