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We make it possible for the borrower to utilize the title to their car as collateral for fast cash. The decision for a title loan is made exclusively on the value of the collateral car. If you're fortunate enough to own a high-value automobile, then you may be happily surprised to discover that you can get a relatively high loan amount.

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Another advantage to this kind of quick money is a fast closing. In many situations, the loan application and approval process will take about fifteen minutes, and sometimes less. Some other kinds of lending institutions(particularly loans from banks) can take days (possibly even weeks!) to get accepted, adding to the general aggravation of the entire process.

A lot of companies provide loans in amounts as low as $100; this is uncommon in other sorts of bank loans, where the minimum loan is $1,000 or even more. This is fantastic news for individuals that need only $200- since they don't have to add up all that extra interest which comes from the higher monetary value which was borrowed. So the final result is that you only borrow the money amount that you require, and are not stuck paying out interest on money you don't want or need to have. This means more financial savings for you!

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Fill out our form for more information about how much money you can acquire for your car title. Getting started a title loan at CashMax is easy, and approval is done on the same day. You can also visit one our many store locations, and speak to one our of representatives about getting started with a title loan.

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