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Explore Some Apps to Save Money

Here at CashMax, we are your source to help you with fast cash. When unexpected occurrences happen like a car repair or medical bill, many turn to us for assistance. Let us help you prepare for your next big bill with a few suggestions of apps to save money.

Free Apps to Download

Saving money doesn’t have to cost you anything. There are many apps you can download right now onto a compatible smart phone. Here are some of the apps we recommend:


You don’t have to break out a pen, paper, and a calculator to estimate a budget. Level tracks the amount of money in your bank account, and it will tell you how much money you can spend each day. You can track spending habits like your daily coffee, and it will give you a prediction of how much money you will spend and show you what you have spent on those habits.

Level will give you a warning about spending habits if it notices a pattern.


The Unsplurge app takes a creative approach to helping you save money. All you have to is answer the app’s simple question: “What Do You Want to Save For?” Then you can enter the amount you need to save, and upload a picture for motivation. Track your progress, and visit other users nearby in the “Town” section to see what others are saving up for. You can also receive tips from the app. It will tell you to put away one dollar in your first week with an increment of one dollar added over a period of 52 weeks.

Daily Budget

For those who want a simple app for saving, look to Daily Budget. This is a user friendly and minimalistic appearance app that examines your bills. It asks for your income and will ask what percentage you want to use for savings. It will then give you a number that you can use to put away cash over each month or per day.


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