How to Organize Your Wallet

Let’s talk about how to organize your wallet. What does yours look like? Is it bulging with receipts and scraps? Does it need a little TLC? These questions are designed to get you thinking. Your wallet is an excellent metaphor for the way you handle your personal finances and an expression of your respect for money. Let’s get down to business and get it organized, so you can take a renewed approach to the way you control and spend your cash.

Man With a Wallet

Empty Your Wallet

Open up your wallet, and pull everything out. Chances are, it’s pretty dirty and filled with things you no longer need. If you need a new wallet, now’s the time to replace it with something fresh and new. As for what was inside, file any receipts you might need to save, such as medical or business expenses. Cut up any credit cards that you don’t truly need. Trash anything that’s out of date, like expired identification cards or business cards you don’t want.

Categorize Your Stuff

Next, group your items so you can find them easily. Put credit cards together, cash sorted by denomination and facing the same direction, and gift cards in one place. Medical insurance cards, business cards, library cards, and other things like that can go in a separate area so they don’t get mixed up. Create a designated place to hold business receipts to be expensed, if those are something you need to track.

Specialty Items

Depending on the size and style of your wallet, you can add a few unique items that may help it be more functional. You can slide a GPS tracker into one of the pockets, so if you misplace it, you can find it easily using a cell phone app. Your wallet might have a spot for a key or your mobile phone. You can even buy smart wallets that can protect your debit and credit cards by blocking RFID signals. Some can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and charge using solar technology.

Set Some Goals

Now that you know how to organize your wallet, set a goal of keeping the system going, and better yet, adding more cash to it. The more you take care of something, the more you’re going to care about what’s happening with it. Show your wallet and your finances the respect they deserve!

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