Learn What to Do if Your Email is Hacked

While millions of people rely on the convenience of email for personal and business use, hackers often target these services to retrieve vulnerable information from under our noses. Security issues can affect nearly anyone, so it's important to know what to do if your email is hacked. CashMax is here to guide you through the process of taking back your account, so you can avoid a repeat incident in the future. Find out more about staying safe online, and then get in touch with us about our personal loan services.

How to Secure Your Account

After you've been hacked, you may feel overwhelmed by the aftermath. However, many users have dealt with this scenario successfully and emerged with even greater knowledge of email safety. Follow this step-by-step guide to prevent damage and secure your account for the future.

  • Get in touch with the email provider to regain control over your account, and be sure to report the hacking incident to protect others. Your provider can offer in-depth information about process of reactivating your account, as well as personalized advice about the steps moving forward.
  • Strong passwords are the first step to security, so make sure to change your email password to something strong. Avoid obvious passwords that involve personal indicators like your birthday, kids' names, and others. Consider changing your security questions as well, and changing passwords on other sites linked to your email.
  • Warn friends, family, and other members of your contact list that you have been hacked. They may be vulnerable to attacks as well, so it's important to spread the word.
  • Update and scan your computer with an anti-virus or anti-malware program. These programs help ensure that all threats have been removed.
  • Double check your privacy settings to ensure that you receive the protection that you need. Make sure that hackers left nothing behind, especially within your email signature.
  • Scan your account for private information that hackers may have stolen, like bank logins or insurance information. Contact those companies to ensure that nothing has been altered since the hack.
  • Keep an eye on your credit score and monitor your bank account for any suspicious activity. You can even freeze your credit temporarily to ensure that hackers don't put extravagant charges in your name.
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