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Ways to Financial Relief - 4 Ways to Avoid 4th and Long

4 Ways to Avoid 4th and Long

Fall feels great. We are back to a more structured week with school in session, football on Friday, Saturday and Sunday plus kids sports and activities. Fall is also the time when we need to prepare for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. Wrapped in there are some big financial landmines if you are not careful. Your financials can go from 1st and 10 to 4th and long very quickly.

Let’s quickly take a look at 4-ways to fall financial relief.

  1. Map out big expenses. We know the last three months of the year can be expensive so let’s priorities by when these expenses will happen and set a budget for each.
  2. Now, we know when and how much we anticipate spending, so start buying a little at a time or stash small amounts aside each week to build up your financial playbook.
  3. Fall is the time when most companies are planning for next year. They are evaluating their plans and you should too. Search the market value of your current position, write down your accomplishments, practice your pitch, schedule time with your supervisor or the owner, and make the ask. Employers want to keep their best players, so if you feel you deserve it, call the play.
  4. You may have unused vacation or health benefits. Sometimes these rollover but often they don’t. Check in with your HR department to determine where you are for the year, what the restrictions are, then tackle the benefits you have earned.

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