Ways to Financial Relief - Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord - Financial Relief

The average family spends over $200 per month on cable. Let’s compare that to streaming services and can you really save money when you cut the cord without sacrificing getting the programming you want.

The Los Angeles Times found that the average person pays for or subscribes to four streaming services. Note which ones you pay for each month here...

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube TV, Apple TV, Peacock, HBO Max, Sling and more on the way.

You could be paying as little about $31 per month if you were subscribing to Netflix ($8.99), Hulu ($5.99), Disney+ ($6.99) and Prime Video ($8.99). But with this configuration you’re not getting live TV and missing a lot of HD programming.

To enhance your viewing, get live TV, local TV, HD and sports, you’ll need to plus things up. You could start with Netflix premium for $15.99, add YouTube TV for $64.99 and bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99. That’s a lot of movies, news, local, sports, kids shows and more for under $100 per month.

The trick here is to know what programming you really watch the most and create your own personal bundle for your budget. Streaming platforms are becoming more specialized and more content does not always equal better content. Remember that you still need pretty good WiFi and a great TV.

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