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Ways to Financial Relief – Tax Season

2022 Tax Season

Timing is everything...

The IRS is now accepting 2021 taxes and the deadline is April 18, 2022. You may qualify for the IRS Free File program, if you earned less than $73,000 of adjusted gross income. There are seven federal tax brackets for 2021 from 10% - 37%. Check out the tax brackets here.

Here are some of the most common items you may need to file your taxes.

  1. Social Security numbers for yourself, your spouse or partner, and dependents.
  2. W-2 forms from your employer.
  3. 1099 forms for any contract or freelance work you did.
  4. Retirement account contributions
  5. Property tax and mortgage interest.
  6. Charitable donations.
  7. State and local taxes.
  8. Educational expenses.
  9. Unreimbursed medical bills.
  10. Your previous year’s federal and state tax returns.

A few ways to manage getting your refund.

  1. Filing online is faster. It usually takes 3-weeks to get your return when filed online. Paper and mail filings can take 8-weeks or more.
  2. Direct Deposit is faster too. No waiting for the mail. Setting up direct deposit helps you get your money in your bank account faster.
  3. Track it. You can track your refund.

If you need extra cash to bridge the gap while you wait for your refund, visit a friendly CashMax store near you. We love our clients and love meeting new customers.

  1. Get pre-approved for a cash advance up to $2,000 or title loan up to $5,000 over the phone from one of our knowledgeable associates.
  2. You can start the process of getting a cash advance or title loan online.
  3. CashMax has 38 convenient locations in Texas to serve you:
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