What are the Advantages of Renting?

CashMax is your headquarters for personal and auto title loans. When a bill, repair, or other life event happens, we are here for you to depend on. Our goal is to also provide money saving tips to help you even further. Let us show you the advantages of renting, which can help you save money instantly and in the long run.

No Maintenance

The largest perk of renting is the convenience of maintenance. The landlord handles and pays for maintenance, leaving you free of the charges of a leaky faucet or cracking roof. These costly expenses can make owning a home expensive.

No Property Tax

Homes are becoming increasingly larger, as many seek secluded and suburban locations to live. With more property comes bigger taxes. Taxes can also be high based on the value of your property. Renters, luckily, do not worry about the expense of taxes. Some taxes are a massive burden depending on the county a home is based in.

Freedom to Downsize

Renting makes it easy to “pick up and go.” While moving can be a chore for many, it is a much more affordable option for those who need to change their rent spending. Many can find options that are cheaper than their current rent price. With a home, many are caught in their investment and have to find ways to make ends meet with fluctuating mortgage pricing.

Safety Net of Fixed Value

Properties do not maintain one consistent value. Often times the property value fluctuates—it’s a coin toss for property owners. A renter rarely worries about this because fluctuations don’t mean they may lose money like a property owner would.


Many apartments can be affordable with amenities, such as an in ground swimming pool. These perks are rarely included with affordable homes for purchase.


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