CashMax - 2115 State Highway 16 South - Graham, TX

CashMax provides payday loans in Graham. A payday loan is a cash advance on your upcoming paycheck. When you need money but payday is still a few days away, CashMax in Graham can get you an advance that you can pay back as soon as you get paid. The interest rates are competitive and the loans are generally paid back very quickly and easily.

CashMax also offers title loans to customers in the Graham, TX area. When you need money quickly, and own a car, come to CashMax in Graham to get a title loan today! We can lend you up to $2,250 depending on what your vehicle is worth. A title loan can be processed in about 15 minutes so you can get your money quickly.

We also offer cash advances to residents in Graham. A cash advance is similar to a payday loan except you can get more money and have a longer time to pay it off. These are both good ways to get emergency cash to take care of problems that may come up.


2115 State Highway 16 South
Suite C
Graham, Texas 76450
Phone: 940-521-9000
Fax: 940-521-9066
EMAIL: [email protected]

Hours of Operation

Monday – 10am – 6pm
Tuesday – 10am – 6pm
Wednesday – 10am – 6pm
Thursday – 10am – 6pm
Friday – 10am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 2pm
Sunday – Closed