CashMax - 145 N. Collegiate Drive - Paris, TX

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need extra cash to cover unexpected bills? If so, we know it can be a tough situation to be in, and you may think that your only way out is to ask family or friends for the extra money. Unfortunately, that can be really embarrassing, and they really may never let you live it down that you asked them for money. It’s a much better and less stressful idea to come to us for a payday loan, cash advance, title loan, or more. We can walk you through the basics of each so that you have a good understanding about what’s best for you and your needs.

We can give you the extra money you need for car repairs, home repairs, medical bills, paying rent, birthdays, holidays, and more. We all know how surprising life can be at times, and we are here to help when you can’t wait around for your next paycheck to cover certain fees.

Feel free to give us a call or come see is in our location to fill out an application form.

CashMax Store Paris, TX


145 N. Collegiate Drive
Paris, Texas 75460
Phone: 903-739-2055
Fax: (903) 739-2447
EMAIL: [email protected]

Hours of Operation

Monday – 10am – 6pm
Tuesday – 10am – 6pm
Wednesday – 10am – 6pm
Thursday – 10am – 6pm
Friday – 10am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 2pm
Sunday – Closed