Apps to Save Money on Groceries

You've scoured the sales ads, you've created a grocery budget, but did you know that there are even more ways that you can save on your weekly food costs? Thanks to the latest technology, you can take advantage of tons of different apps to save money on groceries - and it's as easy as tapping the screen of your smartphone! Let's dive into some of our top picks, so you can learn how to save money on food without sacrificing your favorites. These handy apps are available for free on both iOS and Android, so anyone can save big:

Apps to Save Money on Groceries


Ibotta is one of the most popular apps for good reason. This isn't your traditional coupon app. Simply go to the grocery store, check the app for cash back opportunities, and scan in your receipt after checkout. Within one week, you'll get cash back on all of your qualifying items - and you'll get an automatic five dollars with your first checkout! Best of all, you can use Ibotta on hundreds of different retailers from grocery stores to apparel shops - which means you can save money across the board!


If you're already a coupon-clipping pro, then SavingStar might be your new favorite app. Sign up for this service to register all of your rewards cards in one place. Then, feel free to browse through the latest deals and plan your shopping list ahead of time. All of your discounts will appear at the register when you check out. This flexible choice is a great option that works with nearly all of the major grocery store chains in the United States, so it's definitely worth the quick download!

Grocery IQ

Want the best deals possible? Check out Grocery IQ. Create your weekly grocery list in the app and set your location. The app will run through every grocery store in its database to find the cheapest price on every item, so you know exactly where to head for that gallon of milk or loaf of bread. Plus, you can load your rewards cards to make sure that you compare sales prices for every item.

Food on the Table

Are you a home chef who wants to save money on groceries? You will love the unique design of Food on the Table. Similar to Grocery IQ, this app finds the best local deals on food that you need. But unlike Grocery IQ, Food on the Table allows you to input entire recipes. The app will dissect the recipe, ingredient by ingredient, to find you the best deals around. Then, you'll get a list of all of the best places to shop organized by categories. So you can save tons of time in the aisles along with money at the register.

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