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What is Passive Income?

If you're looking for ways to earn some extra cash, developing a stream of passive income is a great idea. But what is passive income - and what can it do for you? Passive income is a way to gain earnings without active participation. While there's no need to clock in or attend meetings to collect your cash, earning passive income isn't as simple as sitting on the couch and getting rich. Find out the top passive income ideas to set yourself up for a bright future!

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Market Your Knowledge

Are you an expert with tons of valuable experience? Do you love to create content? Then you might want to consider making an information product. Information products include e-books, online classes, DVDs, and more. These products package your knowledge in an easy-to-digest format, so curious minds can learn from the best. After your product is on the market, you can kick back and enjoy the passive income that results with every sale. However, creating the product can be a challenge. Make sure you put your best face forward and create something you stand by, and buyers will take notice.

Rent Your Space

A spare property can yield quite a bit of money if you're open to renting out the space. From temporary rentals to long-term stays, rental income can be quite lucrative if you're willing to put forth a little effort. This is a particularly effective passive income stream if you live in a tourist-laden area. If you live in a sleepy town, the market might not be there. And while you can earn a tremendous amount of money as a landlord, you could also lose a lot if you run into the wrong tenants.

Use Your Social Media

Do you have a big following on social media? Consider affiliate marketing to earn some extra cash. When you engage in affiliate marketing, you promote a product with a link on your website. They benefit from your large following, and you get a kickback in the form of commission. The more traffic you get, the better this opportunity can be. But if you don't have the followers, you'll have to build up your base before considering this option. In the meantime, you can utilize your social media resources for other opportunities, like advertising information products or selling your stuff.

Consider Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer loans are generally smaller loans that occur between two people, facilitated through a third-party intermediary. When you loan directly to a borrower, you can gain interest on the loan in the same way that a bank or traditional lender would. However, these loans are generally unsecured - which carries some risk. If you diversify your lending portfolio and thoroughly research your borrowers before shelling out your cash, you can get some nice passive income out of this opportunity.

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