Saving Money

Saving money can be difficult, especially after the expenses the end of the year brings. Here are some areas to investigate now that could make a major impact over the course of 2024.

  1. Subscriptions: We all do it. You sign up for a service with every intention of canceling before the free trial ends. You forget, only to find that you’ve spent a year paying $15 a month for something you no longer use. The new year is a great time to sort through all of your subscriptions to determine which you actually need. Small charges can add up.

  2. Restaurants: Dining out and ordering in can be a significant expense, and delivery apps have made this easier and sometimes even more expensive. Consider cooking meals at home more often. Plan your meals ahead, buy groceries in bulk, and explore affordable recipes to reduce food costs for your health and your wallet. If you cut out one $30 delivery or restaurant meal each week, you would have an extra $1,560 at the end of the year.

  3. Utilities: Look for ways to reduce utility bills. Turn off lights when not in use, be mindful of water consumption, and explore energy-efficient practices. Consider investigating better deals on internet, phone, or cable plans to reduce monthly charges.

  4. Shop Smart: Don’t let impulse purchases put a dent in your savings. Look for discounts, coupons, and sales. Consider making big purchases in off seasons for higher reductions. Plan in advance to avoid losing money during rushed decisions. Look for cashback or rewards offers to make the most of any large expenditures.

2024 can be your year to make better financial habits. If you need a little kick-start or bridge, visit a friendly CashMax store near you. We love our clients and love meeting new customers

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