The IRS is now accepting 2023 tax filings. The deadline is April 15, 2024, but it’s a good idea to start preparing as early as possible. Here are 4 steps to make sure you are ready to file soon to ensure you make the deadline and have a potential refund quickly.

Double-Check Your Name & Address: This is an easy item to overlook. If you had any major life changes in 2023 (moved, got married or divorced, changed your name), it is a good idea to make sure this information is updated with the IRS & Social Security Administration before you start the filing process.

Organize Your Tax Documents: Be sure to have all documents you may need on hand such as:

  • Last year’s return
  • W-2 forms from your employer
  • 1099 forms for any contract or freelance work
  • Retirement account contributions
  • Property tax & mortgage interest
  • Student loan interest
  • Investment dividends or distributions
  • Healthcare marketplace details
  • Unreimbursed medical bills
  • Educational expenses
  • Business expenses
  • Charitable donations

Understand Your Filing Status: The IRS has five main statuses that all taxpayers fall under: Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, and Qualifying Widow/Widower with Dependent Child. Depending on your filing status, you may qualify for certain deductions and credits.

Decide To Use a Tax Preparer or File Yourself: If your tax situation leans towards the more complicated, it may be better to have an experienced tax professional handle your return. If you are a business owner, an accountant can help appropriately file business and/or personal returns with the IRS. If your tax situation is straightforward, it may be easier and less expensive to use tax filing software online.

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